Friday, July 22, 2011 5:56 PM

7 months in Terry's House – a bittersweet goodbye

Today is bittersweet.

Our very first house guest, Yvonne Frear, her mother-in-law Rosie and I just carried the last of their seven months worth of suitcases out to the yellow cab. They are on their way to the airport, with Philip in tow and headed home to Texas!!! It is amazing how much we’ve gotten to know Yvonne, her family, their friends and their story in what felt to me like the shortest seven months of my life… but what was probably the longest seven months of theirs.

I am overjoyed that Philip Frear’s road to recovery, although long, will be able to continue now much closer to home. However, we will miss this wonderful family terribly. They have been incredible house guests and I think everyone will agree that it has been nothing short of a miracle to see Philip not only survive the fiery truck accident that brought him to Fresno, but to recover as well as he has. So many thanks go out to the amazing clinical care we have at Community Regional Medical Center! Good work team… this is what it’s all about!!!

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Christa Short
Terry's House Management