Friday, June 23, 2017 12:32 PM

A cup to save money and the environment

Meeting a friend for lunch, it was another scorching-hot day in Fresno when I stepped inside the air-conditioned lobby of Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital. I felt a little dizzy as sweat soaked through my shirt and my mouth was sticky from the dry heat. These are the first signs of heat exhaustion.

The solution? Hydration - a cold bottle of water from the Cafe. But once there, I realized that I could buy a bottle of water for almost $2, or I could get a refillable, BPA-free, stylish and reusable cup emblazoned with the proud logo of Fresno Heart for just $8.35 ($7.21 with an employee discount).

This 20 oz., dishwasher-friendly cup can be used for hot or cold drinks and provides its owners a discount on fountain drink refills at the Cafe. Refills of coffee are free. Best of all, it’s environmentally-friendly as you’ll be saving all those plastic bottles and soda cans which might’ve been used and thrown away. 

So as I quenched my thirst with a couple refills of Gatorade, dizziness fading, I realize that the best benefit of this cup is displaying my pride and support of Fresno Heart and the great work that happens here. I think I’ll get one for my friend too!

Kue Lee
Communications Specialist
Community Medical Centers