Wednesday, April 12, 2017 5:15 PM

About Jeff DiMarco, Mr. Nice Guy

Jeff DiMarco was recently recognized on the Forum’s Workplace Discussion Board by peers for his Public Service Award received by the California Speech and Hearing Association (CSHA). We couldn’t ignore the call to action for giving Jeff an even bigger highlight for his remarkable work. What can I say, he’s a likable guy and he’s earned a lot of respect throughout his career at Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC).

As an RN for over 30 years, we’re fortunate he’s spent over 20 years at CRMC working in various roles.  From a supervisor in Rehabilitation Therapies to the manager of the Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Unit, to the rehab referral liaison as he currently works, he’s made a very meaningful impact on not only CRMC and the Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Unit, but the many traumatic brain injury patients he has so passionately served.
Jeff is a “Mr. nice guy”.  When you watch the video created by the CSHA, you’ll hear others speak of his compassionate and loving nature.  He’s a very warm, friendly and nurturing person to all whom he encounters and he’s proven to be committed to serving his patients and their families and being a team player.  It’s no wonder Jeff has received so many awards, including CMC Hero Manager of the year in 2004, Community Medical Foundation’s Ultimate Person Award in 2009, and most recently, the 2017 Public Service Award from the CSHA for his work in the Brain Injury Support Group at CRMC.
The CSHA commended Jeff for his years of work as a rehab referral liaison and volunteer leader of the Brain Injury Support Group at CRMC. He’s responsible for coordinating patient transitions from referral sources into our Inpatient Rehab Facility at the hospital.  He coordinates the whole package from verifying the medical stability of the patient to coordinating the insurance authorizations and the discharge plan before the patient ever enters our unit.  The amount of hours Jeff has volunteered over multiple years to lead the Brain Injury Support Group for CRMC, is truly commendable. 
Please join me in congratulating Jeff on his award.  He has recently trained support staff to eventually take over this role as he would like to start “slowing down” and spending more time with his wife and family.  
Lynette Davis, RN CRRN
Nursing Manager, Nursing Manager, Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation