Thursday, January 14, 2016 3:47 PM

Are Duty Belts the New Capes?

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to be going right? I sure know I have. Mix-matched socks, bad hair day, HANGRY (hungry and angry) with the world?  We’ve all been there, so you most certainly are not alone. We’ll leave the hunger problem to our great Nutrition and Dining staff, and your hair stylist for an A-line ombre.  But, there are many ways our wonderful security staff at Community Regional Medical Center can help you.

All fun aside, Community Regional’s security officers take their responsibility to protect property, assets, and people seriously.  If you’re experiencing a bit of mayhem in your day, let us help:

  • Raining heavy or tired from a long exhausting day? 
    • Get an escort.  Escorts by foot or vehicle are available to employees, staff, and patients to and from your vehicle or other Community Regional buildings or parking lots. (Please note availability may vary due to staffing.)
      • Fun Fact: In 2015 Security provided 8,977 escorts.
  • Left a light on in your vehicle and return to a dead battery?
    • You need a jump!  We can provide vehicle jump starts for visitors and  staff.
      • Fun Fact: In 2015 Security provided 536 jump start requests.
  • Locked out of your office?
    • We have a key! We'll provide a key assist for employees in authorized areas.  
  • Forgot the key to the lock on your locker?
    • We can cut it! Lock cut service is available to employees with supervisor approval.
  • Are you a patient concerned about the security of your wallet, cash, or jewelry?
    • Allow us to secure it.  We’ll gladly secure valuables for emergency and admitted patients.
      • Fun Fact: In 2015 Security provided 1,963 valuables pick-ups.
  • Misplaced a personal item?
    • Check with us.  We retain all lost and found property for at least 90 days.
      • Fun Fact: In 2015 Security secured 2,258 found items, and returned 646 to owners.  
In this Fall/Winter season, not only is your post-man working through rain, sleet, and snow, but so is your local Security team.  Not only are we here to help protect the well-being of patients, staff, and visitors, we’re here to provide some of these forgotten services - among many others.  Who said all heroes wear capes?  Just maybe they also come in duty belts.

For Security assistance:
Patients and visitors can call 559-459-6575. 
Employees dial 13 from an in-house phone, or log on to the Forum for more information about services and look Up, Up, and Away!

Ryan Henry Jackson
Security Officer 2 - Community Regional Medical Center 
Marketing Communications Intern - Community Medical Centers