Thursday, December 24, 2015 5:35 AM

CRMC Teams bring HOPE to our HOME for the HOLIDAYS!

Community Regional’s Staffing Office, Nurse Float, Resource, PICC and IV Start Teams continued their spirit of giving to Terry’s House AGAIN this holiday season! This was the 4th year in a row! These amazing employees absolutely knock themselves out … the mountain of gifts and love given to our guest families gets bigger and BIGGER year after year!

Our team here at Terry’s House has the incredible privilege of watching our families find such joy and encouragement in what our friends across the street have given them. We hear over and over again how grateful our families are and how neat it is that someone “thought about them before they ever even knew they’d be here with us at CRMC and in Fresno for the holidays.”

Again this year we ended up with the most elaborately and individually decorated mini Christmas trees for each of our 20 guest rooms – even a hand painted Star Wars themed tree! The happiness these trees brought our guests during this holiday season has been so uplifting to watch! There was also a enormous amount of children’s toys, gifts for adults and even a number of household and kitchen items that will certainly go to good use!

As if the gift drive wasn't enough, the UNBELIEVABLE candy bar that was put together for our families last night was the icing on the cake for us! We could not have imagined the wonderful conversations and interactions that took place around the candy table between guests and CRMC staff … What a beautiful thing! You’ll enjoy reading Float Team Manager, Helen McNary’s recount of the evening below:

“After the Terry's House holiday gift drive and Christmas tree event, we held an elegant 'Candy Bar' for our family guests... Our first guest was a lady from Reno with family in the hospital. She was proud to say she was 90 years young and enjoyed the sweet treats and watching young Arda and Liam play under the Christmas tree.  When visiting hours ended across the street, groups of family members started to arrive - exhausted and welcoming our hospitality.  A young couple from Bakersfield told us they had been here almost 2 weeks with their baby in the NICU, and they could not have stayed if it wasn't for Terry's House.  Another couple from NICU told us they have been here even longer. A mother with her daughter in 5ICU is so appreciative of everything; she had no idea about the level of care we deliver at CRMC, how we work with other hospitals and how we host families in this wonderful facility - Terry's House. "My daughter has a vascular anomaly and they are sending her to Stanford on Friday, Christmas day, for a specialized procedure and then she'll return here for follow-up. Thank you!" A distraught husband told me about his wife in CVU.  He couldn't eat; he was so tired he could barely stand up. I reminded him that to help her he needed to rest to keep his strength up. "I know, I  just want her to get better. I was going to stay up all night with her, but I think I'll try to sleep awhile now. Thanks, I needed to hear that from you." Another family was checking in for their first night, curious about all the goings on in the lobby. We gave them welcome and encouraged them to come back once they settled in. There was plenty for everyone, one lady asked if she could take some goodies to a young man she had met in the waiting rooms. "He's young, in his 20's I'd say; I think it would cheer him up a bit." But of course! Esther thought ahead and brought to-go goodie bags, and filled one up for him. It was a splendid time, a gift for us all.”

The giving hearts of our staff at CRMC - at all levels - keep this organization at the very top of the industry and I am so proud of the work we do and the love we all work to show on a daily basis...

Again, thank you to each and every one of these individuals for going above and beyond this holiday season for the 4th year in a row! You've inspired all of us to give generously and are an example for everyone to follow ... you’ve certainly brought our home hope for the holidays!