Thursday, March 22, 2018 4:16 PM

Employees Make a Difference: Arshondra Cummings

Our employees give a lot every day in their jobs – and many of them give even more to our hospitals through gifts. Over the years, employee gifts have made a huge difference in our ability to grow and provide the highest level of care. We want to highlight some of these incredible employees through a monthly Employees Make a Difference feature.
This month, we’re talking to Arshondra Cummings, a financial analyst in our corporate offices.
How long have you worked for Community?
17 years.
Which departments & facilities have you work in?
I’ve worked at the corporate facility in two different departments: Patient Financial Services from 2000 to 2003 and Decision Support from 2003 to now.
What inspires you about working for Community?
I enjoy coming to work knowing I can assist with helping others make confident decisions and changes that projects productive results.
Why did you initially sign up to be an employee donor?
I believe in giving back and supporting a service that helps others during sensitive times within their lives.
Do you give to a certain area of our system?
Terry’s House
What would you like to say to other employees who are not yet giving to encourage them to give?
Life can have its share of adversity. During those times, you will want or need support – someone to show compassion. Giving back and donating to Terry’s House exhibits compassion. Helping families with basic essentials (food, clothing, place to rest/sleep), to ease the emotional stress of not wanting to be far away from their love one, is a way of being compassionate.
Do you have any personal stories or connection to Community that you would like to share to inspire others to give?
It was a wonderful and gracious plan for Community Medical Centers to build Terry’s House. I personally have not been in a situation where I needed to use Terry’s House services and resources, but it is great to know they are there if I ever need it.
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