Tuesday, September 8, 2015 3:12 PM

Fitness Center Serves it Up!

We’re so thankful and honored that Community Medical Centers’ Fitness Center Employees chose Terry’s House “Hosted Meal Program” for their team building activity! Community’s Security and Information Systems department employees also joined in on the fun. The group prepped and served an amazing and colorful taco bar which fed all 20 of our families!

“My team wanted to come up with a team building project that was also a charitable idea,” said Tim Clark, manager, Community Medical Centers’ Fitness Center. A meal may seem like so little to many, but it’s really a big deal when it comes to the families who stay at Terry’s House. Many guests may not have eaten for several hours, not have gotten a full nights rest and are extremely stressed due to the condition of their loved one receiving critical care at Community Regional Medical Center.

“The guests are going through so much that even just the act of not having to worry about shopping for dinner or trying to work up the energy to prep a meal is a huge relief to the burden they’re carrying,” said Clark.

Our “Hosted Meal” Program gives families the opportunity to have one-less-thing to worry about while they care for their love one. It’s because of people like The Fitness Center team and all the organizations and individuals who continue to support this program, that we’re able to provide one of the simple necessities of life – a warm meal.

“You really never know when you might be in a less ideal situation like the families staying at Terry’s House,” said Amanda Gillispie, Fitness Center Employee. “Sometimes you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to realize how important a helping hand can be.”

It’s quite a beautiful sight when we’re able to see families build relationships with the Hosted Meal volunteers, tell stories, and create a bond. Many of our guests have no relief from their hardships for months-on-end and many do not have loved ones here to support them. Having new and smiling faces in the house and a meal can be a huge positive in their day. All in all, they get the opportunity to be themselves – even if just for a little while. After all, they say … “the best conversations come from around the dinner table!”

And, it was fun and interactive! Families were able to serve themselves, create their own delicious meals with the help of some wonderful ingredients and they were able to sit and chat with employees.

“We hope that other Community department’s consider following suit and … at some point have a department waiting list to get the chance to cook dinner at Terry’s House!”

We hope so too, Tim! Community Regional’s Cardiology, Cath Lab and PICA Units have already sign up for September 19! We’re looking forward to having their employees in the house – and our families are too!

If you’re interested in learning more about our “Hosted Meal” Program or additional volunteer opportunities please (559) 459-2648.