Friday, July 28, 2017 4:58 PM

Get your move on!

The Community Plaza’s Social Committee is at it again and in typical fashion, they’ve taken to heart all the employee buzz about wanting to become healthier and lose weight. Wendi Reed, the plaza’s social committee chairman, said “many employees have shared their disappointment in themselves for not reaching their pre-summer weight loss goals and we want to help.” And, as one campus employee put it, “it’s 102 degrees out and my sweater body is still on point!”

Well, yay me. Sadly, I can relate. While I will still shed layers in 100 plus degree weather, I really wish I could shed the pounds I can no longer tuck- or suck-in! Summer just isn’t as fun when you’re hiding from swim parties. And as embarrassing as it is to admit, I’ve reached my all-time, record-high weight. What happened!? Being an over 40 female seriously requires extra-mind over matter. Or else, the only matter you begin mining are the extra-large hips and thighs you’re packing. Yeah, it’s time to get a grip.
But here’s the bright side of having extra-large hips and thighs – I can change it. Yes … if you really want to change, you can and … the Community Plaza’s Social Committee has an important movement inspiring employees to change habits – together.

This week, 60 plaza employees signed up for an eight-week summer slim down competition and about 40 employees came out of their office suites braving the Valley heat to complete daily 10- to 15-minute (.05 mile) walk and talk breaks together. Now that’s mind over matter! And, a very creative and inspiring way for the committee to stay social, yet true to Community’s mission to “improve the health status of the community.”

“It’s about taking steps to change habits – getting people motivated to move, stretch, breathe, and talk to each other. It’s about improving our health and wellness together,” said Wendi. I say, well done, Wendi! And, way to go to my committee colleagues leading this change! I like this challenge, and I accept. I also like how it’s inspired so many employees to get involved in such a short time – including Community’s very own resident fitness trainer.

Tim Clark, manager of Community’s employee and physician fitness center, will be joining the Walk N Talks every Tuesday morning to bring us tips on physical fitness, answer questions and cheer us on – hoping to keep us all stepping towards change and reaching our goals. If you’re inspired but don’t work at the Community Plaza, maybe you’ll be inspired to lead your own movement.

Tim and I look forward to hearing about employee successes and sharing them in future blogs, on the Forum’s Fitness Center page and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Catch us if you can!

Shannon Merritt