Wednesday, June 15, 2011 2:00 AM

Hospital employees help reunite dog with San Diego Assemblyman

Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital’s house supervisors have big hearts when it comes to caring for others – especially one bedraggled  little dog who looked lost and alone.

Registered Nurse Shelley Costanzo said when her sister called at the end of May asking if she knew someone who could take in a stray dog found roaming in town, Costanzo knew just the guy. Her fellow hospital house supervisor Michael Dimas had just put his own aging dog to sleep. It had been his father’s dog and he was still grieving for both.

A trip the veterinarian for shots revealed a microchip. Turns out the little white dog belongs to State Assemblyman Ben Hueso, and he’d been missing for more than two months from Hueso’s San Diego home.

Dimas went every day to visit the little white terrier to make sure he was okay in his SPCA holding cell. He worried that the letter the SPCA sent to his owner wouldn’t alert them before the 10-day grace period was up, said Costanzo. But on Tuesday, Assemblyman Henry T. Perea’s  Fresno office rescued Coco and will hold him for Hueso.