Friday, August 15, 2014 7:39 PM

Just a Plain 'Ole Box

Usually, the more sophisticated and advanced an item is, the more it will be desired for use. Then there are circumstances that disprove that...

My grandson was at our home the other day and discovered a cardboard box we were going to use for shipping. Now you must understand, as a grandparent, I do enjoy immensely spoiling the grandbabes and buying them all kinds of stimulating and educational toys...what do you suppose my grandson did with all those toys when he saw the box? Completely abandoned them and for the next one and one-half hour, amused himself by being very creative with a plain 'ole box. He got so tickled playing "Jack in the Box" and popping out making different faces each time he made a grand appearance. He also pretended to "disappear" while sealing himself inside. He then got his favorite stuffed animals to join him in the adventure. Delightful and refreshing.

It made me think about all the complex devices that are used routinely in healthcare delivery to diagnose and treat varying conditions. They are very necessary and crucial to optimum care, but I also believe there is an art and skill to just plain 'ole hands on-taking a comprehensive History and Physical, touching the patient with the expertise of a thorough exam, you know, just human hands and a stethoscope. 

I hope that the progress of technology does not interfere with a good 'ole touch of the shoulder to a patient in need!