Wednesday, August 26, 2015 11:31 AM

Lab employee gets a sweet Fitbit surprise

Congratulations to clinical laboratory scientist Alice Coursey, the fifth winner in Community’s Fitbit giveaway. It took many attempts just to get to Alice at the Community Regional lab but in the end, it was a sweet moment and a “cool” surprise, said Alice. Take a look at Alice’s surprise win caught on camera:

The only criteria given to employees for entering the drawing to win a Fitbit was to read an informational flier and share one thing they learned about the organization. About 1,000 employees responded. Alice was one of ten names randomly drawn.

By reading the flier, Alice learned that employees now receive a 20% discount off of their Community medical bills if paid within 30 days of receipt - something she had not yet heard about. “I learned of this discount and called the billing office right away to ask about it. It was such a new benefit they didn’t even have procedures in place to implement it,” said Alice. “However, they still honored it by giving me the discount.”

Alice has been with Community since November, 2014 and with the many benefits offered at Community, I wondered why this one was so attractive to her. When I asked Alice what keeps good employees around, Alice explained “I think most employees want to use the facility they work at for their personal medical care, and this benefit makes it easier to do. I figure if management cares enough to want to help take care of my health, I know I am valued and will stick around.”

“I have never received any prize at work before, so I am stunned at the generosity of this hospital. Thank you so much for caring about your employees,” said Alice.

The fact that employees care to engage in our workplace is of equal interest. Only one Fitbit was expected to be given away until so many responses were received. The Human Resources and Organizational Development leaders decided that this level of participation called for more giveaways to show how much they appreciate their time, effort and interest in learning about the organization.  And to heighten the display of appreciation, each winner is hand-delivered their Fitbit – a special delivery bringing a little unexpected fun into the workplace. See other winners:

Fitbit winner #1: Irma Lorenzo
Fitbit winner #2: Marian Aranda
Fitbit winner #3: Anellyn Cayco
Fitbit winner#4: Eric Hemphill

Please join us in congratulating them!

Shannon Merritt
Senior Internal Communications Specialist
Community Medical Centers