Thursday, December 5, 2013 12:00 AM

More than $6 million names, opens, new Clovis Community conference center

More than $6 million in private gifts made it possible to open a special center on the Clovis Community Medical Center campus.

The H. Marcus Radin Conference Center, named after the late Fresno business leader and philanthropist.The new H. Marcus Radin Conference Center was named in honor of the late longtime Fresno business leader H. Marcus Radin, who for decades was a “silent giant” in philanthropic endeavors supporting education and healthcare throughout the Valley.

The $3 million gift to name the new center was made in honor of Mr. Radin by Jason Liao and Leslie Findley through the Radin Foundation.

“Inspired by the Radin legacy, this new conference center will touch the lives of so many,” said Clovis Community CEO Craig Castro. “We are so grateful to the Liaos and Radin Foundation for their past support and now this important venue that will promote medical education and improve the health status of our community.”

A $1 million gift was also made by the Pete P. Peters Foundation to name the center’s auditorium, before Mr. Peters’ passing in 2012. Another $2.2 million was donated by a dozen other donor-investors to build the center on campus. “We are very proud to honor two iconic figures in a prominent way and recognize other major donor-investors who served as pioneers in creating a remarkable center for learning,” said Rob Saroyan, Community Medical Foundation vice president.

The new high-tech Radin Conference Center is north of the new Temperance Avenue entrance on the Clovis Community campus. Just across the street to the south stands the Marjorie E. Radin Breast Care Center named in honor of Mrs. Radin in 2005.

“I believe sending out the message of giving is very important. I made the decision to name the Breast Care Center and Conference Center after them, only to hope more people will get involved to make our community a better place,” said Jason Liao.
Marjorie and H. Marcus Radin
The H. Marcus Radin Conference Center will help provide health education – part of Community Medical Centers’ mission – and accommodate the education needs of physicians, employees, patients and families by offering seminars in a variety of areas of medicine. The center also will be used for continued staff education and training, medical staff meetings and a wide range of clinical educational conferences including those with nationally and internationally recognized lecturers.

The H. Marcus Radin Conference Center houses a 216-seat auditorium and a front foyer entrance with monitors displaying auditorium screen presentations. The foyer also may serve as dining space and/or auditorium overflow. There is a 50-seat conference room, two computer training rooms, two smaller conference rooms, and technology that allows for streaming audio and video from the hospital’s inpatient surgery suites.

Friends of the Radins say except for an occasional name on a door or a plaque, Marcus and Marjorie never had the need for public recognition but that today it is important to recognize and celebrate their lifetime of philanthropic endeavors to improve the community as well as to inspire others to emulate their generosity.

Jason Liao and his son Jay hope others are inspired by the Radin legacy. “I’m proud of their legacy and I hope this project will inspire others to contribute and to think of the needs of our community,” Jay said.

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