Thursday, March 15, 2012 12:04 PM

No greater fan

I regret to announce to the Community Medical Centers family that we have lost one of our iconic supporters: Pete Peters passed away peacefully at his Fresno countryside home Tuesday afternoon. Pete would have reached his 95th birthday in May.

Community had no greater fan than Mr. Pete Peters, affectionately called “Uncle Pete.” He loved all who served Community’s mission, and each of Community’s facilities was dear to him. Look on many of Community’s buildings and programs and you will see the Peters name.

Giving was a way of life for Mr. Peters as you can see in this video.


Pete ensured the hospital would continue to have a legacy of support from the Peters family, succeeding his late brother Leon through leadership of the Leon S. Peters Foundation as well as establishing the Pete P. Peters Foundation through his own personal contributions. As his brother before him, Pete’s life embodied the values of community citizenship.

We will dearly miss Mr. Peters.


Robert V. Saroyan
Vice President/Chief Development Officer
Community Medical Foundation