Wednesday, May 28, 2014 7:46 PM

Olfactory Dreams?

Dreams are sometimes scary, crazy, bizarre and have images and sounds that are perplexing, but do we actually "smell" in our dreams?

Freud eluded to people experiencing a strong correlation related to effects on dreams based on smells while awake. He indicated that smelling something fragrant and positive, usually resulted in a commensurate dream, and the opposite rang true...a negative smell resulted in rather tormenting dream.

So, do we smell the coffee, then wake up, or wake up and smell the coffee? Hehe.

Helen Keller did say that she experienced "...sensations, odors, tastes, and ideas..." in her dreams, "...which I do not remember to have had in reality...".

In the name of scientific research, try experimenting tonight...I'm going to bake an apple pie, smell it to my heart's delight (and eat it of course), then see if I dream of, mmmmm, maybe Johnny Appleseed! Ha!