Friday, December 20, 2013 7:57 PM

Only 2.4 Million Calories...

...hey, but who is counting? Well, they are in Houston.

Apparently a local hotel's executive chef created a half ton chocolate Santa with a cost of $5,000 and 400 hours of culinary time to create! Lucky for some, it's not edible as thy covered it with a lacquer finish.

Knowing this actually helps me to justify and not feel so guilty about all the goodies I have been consuming over the last few weeks and how I am quite a distance from 2.4 million calories! I always have enjoyed the saying: "Hey, it's not what you do between November and January, it's what you do between January and November". 

So, have a great Holiday season, enjoy family, friends, AND food. There will be plenty of other times to restrict consumption. A chocolate Santa sounds mighty tasty to me right now!