Wednesday, April 15, 2015 4:11 PM

Remember When...

...growing up, grade school, high school, memorable people and husband and I finally had an opportunity to see the movie "McFarland, USA"...

Wow...did that bring back a flood of memories. He and I were raised in the town of McFarland, both children of local farmers. Seeing the heartwarming movie based on a true story depicted very closely life in that small town. Oh yes, there were some "Hollywood" liberties and embellishments, but the story captured the essence of lives full of hard work, determination, love of family, and pure grit.

I remember the farmworkers admiring my dad that they called "Mr. Russell", and being proud that he was known for treating them with respect and appreciation.

The coach, depicted by actor Kevin Kostner, was my sixth grade science teacher, Jim White. My memories of Jim are "good ones". He was gentle, never raised his voice, a helpful instructor, devoted family man, and needless to say, a very dedicated coach and mentor. My husband clearly recalls that all the teams Jim coached (as the head coach) had great success. My husband's brother did run on the cross country track team in the mid 70's and has vivid memories of Coach White taking the boys in the back of his pickup truck bed, dropping them off in the foothills area, and telling them "Be in my office by 'x' time or you will be running laps around the track" knew precisely what it would take for the athletes to meet his target time...and by golly, they did.

I am thankful for being raised as I was...I hope that I can continue to recall gems that I learned growing up to apply in my life today: respect, hard work, devotion and commitment, and despite all the amazing and innovative/advanced technology that we experience day in and day out in the Healthcare industry, I hope I can enjoy the simpler things in life too.