Thursday, May 12, 2016 7:43 PM

Remembering Tierney Cooper

Tierney Cooper will be very missed by the burn team. Tierney, a child life assistant for the regional burn program at Community Regional Medical Center, dedicated her life to helping others. She touched the lives of her fellow burn team members, families, and especially the patients.
Tierney began her journey of helping burn survivors as a volunteer for the child life program. She committed countless hours helping children with burn injuries normalize their recovery through play. Tierney loved the Leon S. Peters Burn Center’s mission and was hired last year into a permanent position. Tierney worked closely with children hospitalized for their burn injuries, especially during their dressing changes. She developed an afternoon recreation program for our adult burn survivors, engaging them in therapeutic activities. She participated in burn support groups, burn prevention, burn volunteer program, and back to school programs. She made such a positive impact not only in the burn center, but also out in the community.
Tierney is remembered by the burn team for her beautiful smile, warmth, love of life, and compassion. We would like to express our condolences to Tierney’s family.  Patients have shared fond memories of Tierney this week as they returned to the outpatient center for their care.  As the burn team struggles with this tragic loss, we are fortunate to have had Tierney as part of our family. 
Sandra Yovino, Director of Burn Services
Leon S. Peters Burn Center
Community Regional Medical Center