Monday, September 12, 2016 12:55 PM

The V in EVS is for 'vital' to patient care

Quality. Safety. Satisfaction. Simple words with great meaning. As consumers of health care, we all depend on the critical, yet unsung role environmental services (EVS) plays in the continuum of care for our patients. The meaning of these words is substantial but the essence is simple: Teamwork. The output of the environmental services team in each of our healthcare facilities demonstrates enormous efforts toward quality, safety and satisfaction in every aspect of their role.

We especially want to acknowledge the vital role our environmental service workers play at Community Medical Centers recognizes EVS workers during Sept. 11-17, National Healthcare Environmental Services Week 2016.

With emerging infectious diseases, contagious viral strains, and antibiotic resistant ‘superbugs’ which are a major threat for healthcare institutions large and small, knowledge of proper infection control measures within the healthcare setting is of paramount importance. Naturally, prevention of infectious disease is the primary concern for the EVS workers at Community.
In a healthcare environment, harmful or pathogenic microorganisms must be reduced or killed in order to protect and ensure the well-being of patients, staff and visitors. Disinfection, sanitizing and decontaminating surfaces, whether they are found in the isolation room, operating room, patient room or elsewhere within the facility, can be enormously challenging. EVS staff plays an essential role in providing a clean and safe environment for all through infection prevention and control practices.
Our staff not only includes the housekeepers who patients get to know as they make their rounds cleaning rooms and brightening days with cheerful conversation, but also the behind the scenes staff sterilizing operating rooms between patients.
We all depend on the critical and often unrecognized role of environmental services in quality outcomes. We celebrate, appreciate and recognize all the professionals working in healthcare environmental services for the extraordinary teamwork and leadership required to care for the complex healthcare environment.
We have a deep appreciation for the important role of environmental services to the overall health care delivery process. We honor all the men and women of environmental services who spend countless hours leading teams, monitoring performance, preventing infection, maintaining sustainable buildings, lending a helping hand and working tirelessly to ensure that our healthcare facilities are among the best in the world.
Join us in celebrating and acknowledging our Environmental Services staff for their contributions to providing quality healthcare to the members we serve.  Let’s be sure to celebrate by saying ‘Thank you!’ to them, and be respectful of the hard work they do not just this week, but all year long.
Michael Powell
Director of Environmental Services
Community Regional Medical Center