Tuesday, February 19, 2013 12:00 AM

Vocation, avocation and passion

Dr. Joseph Woo Jr. was honored for his time and service to Community Medical Centers at the non-profit’s February Board of Trustees meeting. Mark Borba, chairman of Community’s Board, presented Dr. Woo with a special written history detailing the doctor's knowledge and experience in medicine and his commitment to the overall development of Community’s hospitals and facilities.

Dr. Joseph Woo Jr. receives a history of his accomplishments from Community's Board Chairman, Mark Borba, at the February Board meeting.

Borba said, “His energy fuels the spirit of Community and warms the hearts of those who are lucky enough to be around him.”

A founding member of Community's Board of Trustees, Dr. Woo was in private practice for 50 years, and established the first cardiac care unit at the then - Fresno Community Hospital. Born on May 30, 1924 in the Burnett Sanitarium, the turn-of-the-century infirmary that would later become Fresno Community Hospital, attended then Fresno State College, studied biology and also met his wife Mabel. On May 26, 1948, he graduated from medical school at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Woo studied internal medicine and coronary care and in 1965, established one of the first coronary care units in the nation in downtown Fresno.

Dr. Woo said over the years was fortunate to work alongside such leaders as Leon S. Peters, Dr. John Morgan, Jim Mayer and Bud Richter.

“They were all able to think in terms of ‘little c’ community and ‘big C’ Community. We’re here to take care of people, regardless of their race, religion or financial status,” Dr. Woo said.

Dr. Woo said it all comes back to the patient.

“The patient is what counts, no matter how busy you are,” he said. “It’s been my life’s work and privilege to have been involved with the development of this great medical institution. Medicine has been my vocation, avocation and passion for over five decades.”

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Jennifer Avila-Allen reported this story. She can be reached at MedWatchToday@CommunityMedical.org.