Wednesday, September 23, 2015 11:47 AM

What Motivates You to Move?

In January I posted a blog about New Year’s Resolutions and their success rate…ahhh…or in most cases their failure rate.  Remember those stats?  Let me refresh your memory: 75% of those polled lasted a week, 71% lasted two weeks, 64% will finish out the month of January, 46% will make it six months and only 8% will last the year.  So, how is yours coming along?  No worries if you have fallen off the wagon.  There are still a few months left on the 2015 calendar!  There is still time to regroup and get back on track!  If you want to make a change, I mean really want to make a change you won’t wait until next year or next month or next Monday or tomorrow.  You will do it right here!  Right now! 

I totally understand those times when you are feeling a little burned out.  I know, I know, shocking isn’t it?  It’s true we are all human and get in a fitness rut once in awhile.  Trust me on this, I am no exception!  The key is not to get stuck there!  I find that sometimes it's little things that get me motivated to work out and get moving.  Things like setting up a new workout playlist on my iPod for instance may be all it takes to freshen things up a bit for me sometimes.  On other occasions when my conviction to work out is waning, a change up in workouts might be in order, i.e., switching from a split routine to circuit HIIT training for instance.  A sure-fire way to get myself motivated to train is signing up for some sort of organized event.  Things get real when I whip out my credit card and drop some coin to sign up for a mud run, a 10k run or a century ride, etc.  Without fail, signing up for some sort of event like that will give me a concrete goal and something to work for.  For instance, to keep myself motivated this year so far I have participated in a Mud Run, two 5k fun runs, a relay triathlon, a metric century and a full century bike ride.  That leaves little time to slack and gives my workouts purpose!

OK, I hear you loud and clear complaining about the cost of something like that.  I know what you speak of personally.  Try to keep in mind that for the most part these little organized fun runs or rides raise money for local causes and charities, so you are also doing your civic duty and helping out someone less fortunate as well.  Yes, they can be expensive, especially if it’s an event that you are going to have to travel to and/or arrange lodging.  It might take some financial planning.  Even if all you do are local events at $20-$50ish a pop, they can definitely add up!  So let me give props to our own Truong Nguyen, Wellness Champion, for taking time out of his weekend to lead frequent hikes for CMC employees and their families!  For the most part the hikes are totally free!  If you have to pony up any coin it will be to enter one of our stunning National Parks to get to the trailhead.  So pack a lunch, carpool with a coworker, enjoy the company, the spectacular views and vistas along the way, take in some fresh mountain air and enjoy a day of hearty exercise!  I promise you will not regret it!

We are extremely blessed with our geographic location as far as outdoor sports go here in our state.  We are surrounded by world class topography and a climate that is pretty hospitable to working out outdoors year round.  Due to those two factors there is no shortage of organized events pretty much year round in our area!     

There is also something to be said for signing up with a friend.  You instantly have a training partner to help keep you accountable to not skip workouts and to motivate you harder during those workouts.  If you have never signed up for any kind of organized event it can be a little less intimidating if you go through it with a friend by your side!  I personally am no different in that aspect than anyone else.  For instance, all of the events I listed above that I took part in were done with 6 different training clients or friends of mine.  Remember that the key is to HAVE FUN!  I am pretty sure there is a direct correlation between the amount of fun had and the repeat participation rate, just sayin’.  None of us are going to be making a living at it, so why be so serious about it?  Just go out and have fun!  

I want to hear what is left on your bucket list for the year.  Feel free to respond and let us know what is remaining on your bucket list.  We would love to help you out with that goal!