Thursday, July 21, 2016 7:05 PM

5 Winning Tickets to Celebrate 5 Years of Terry's House Helping Families

With your generosity, this year’s raffle helped us to raise $100,000 to support the ongoing mission of Terry’s House and the families who need us most! THANK YOU!

Two very special Terry’s House guest families currently staying with us and a beloved longtime volunteer helped us celebrate this morning by doing the honors of pulling this year’s winning ticket stubs! We are THRILLED to announce the 5 WINNING TICKETS for this year’s VACATION GETAWAY GIVEAWAY!!! Including 2 COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTERS EMPLOYEES!

Many wonderful thanks go out to our long-time donor, John Lawson, who gives very generously each year to make our raffle possible!

Grand Prize Winner – Alaskan Cruise: Ticket # 18938  This special donor generously gave their getaway to sweet little Leilani and the Parra family currently staying with us at Terry’s House! What an incredible gift and something for them to look forward to!
2nd Prize Winner – Maui Getaway: Ticket # 15788; Community Regional PCA, Anabel Tapia
3rd Prize Winner – San Diego Family Getaway: Ticket # 19942 Darden Architects
4th Prize Winner – Central Coast Wine Discovery: Sean Kelley
5th Prize Winner – Sierra Sanctuary: Ticket # 15301; Clovis Community Pharmacy Tech, Ben Vu