Wednesday, November 14, 2018 1:20 PM

Community Internships Prepare Intellectually Disabled For New Job Opportunities

Having an intellectual disability can make getting job experience a bit intimidating, but a new internship program at Community Regional Medical Center makes it much easier to find a career and grow your skills.

An internship program for young adults with intellectual disabilities

2018 Project Search Graduates

“Project Search” brings young adults with intellectual disabilities to Community Regional and exposes them to jobs they probably otherwise would not have access to. The Best Buddies Job program in Fresno helped bring “Project Search” to Community Regional and the first class of interns now have new job skills to add to their resumes.
Best Buddies Job program manager Mark Knape says young adults in their program often are limited to experiences and job opportunities that fall along the lines of janitorial or food services. He said the aim of the Community Regional internship is to develop skills in other areas as well.
Eleven interns rotated around the hospital in nine areas including guest services, the employee/physician gym, Terry’s House, materials management and more. 
They learned skills like inventory management and made deliveries throughout the hospital. They worked jobs in guest services and helped manage the daily operations of the gym. 
Knape said an opportunity like this helps the interns build more competitive resumes, transferable job skills and become valuable employees.
Currently the internships are only available at Community Regional, but we are looking to add internships at other facilities in the future.

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