Friday, April 27, 2012 3:58 PM

Community Regional labor and delivery nurse wins Mother of the Year

When you think of “mom” a dozen images rush to your mind – and this year’s Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce “Mother of the Year” winner Julie Christopherson is the epitome of those images – home, family, church, work, community, charity, understanding, empathy and love.

According to her nominators, she’s the energizer bunny at home and work, the whirlwind getter-doner in the community and church, as well as the woman in-many-places-at-once – all combined.

Her husband James says, “To describe my wife, it would take volumes.” He also said that super-mom Julie is still the sweet, young girl he met 32 years ago and that makes him the richest husband in the world.

Her children – Aaron, Jason, Adam, David, Leann and Jared – say they feel privileged calling her mom. Charitable, selfless, loving council, service to others, a “perfect” angel, are just a few of the words they use to describe her. One writes, “I’ve never seen anyone with more love in her eyes.” That’s Julie.


Her nominators said she always succeeded academically and wanted to be a doctor, but became a nurse so she would have the time to be the “mother” she always wanted to be. She is a nurturing, caring person who serves with diligence her congregation at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and each person she cares for as a nurse at Community Regional Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery Department. She has served the last three years as president of her women’s group at church and has delivered food to and helped many in need. She has taught classes of all kinds on motherhood skills and helped hundreds of mothers and fathers as a delivery nurse. She leads by example and has earned the trust and respect of her colleagues, friends, family and community.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this mother and all she has done for others. Her own mother says that if Julie thought someone needed her, she would be first on the scene to comfort, console or aid.

Mary Lisa Russell reported this story. She can be reached at