Wednesday, May 10, 2017 1:53 PM

Financial help for Community Medical Centers' nurse students

Giving back has always meant a great deal to me but seeing its ripple effect for the people I work with is more than special.

An employee – Carla – was one of those affected.  She wasn’t a nurse but was happy in her job for over a decade until someone close to her fell ill.  Watching all the care her loved one received from the wonderful nursing staff inspired her to change her career – and she started working on her nursing degree. 

A Community employee scholarship helped Carla become one of those amazing nurses here because of the Employee Scholarship Program!
Here’s why our donors support this program:

  • It helps our employees to take a next step in their career

  • It can help employees finish a degree

  • It’s open to all nursing staff – from those starting out to those who’ve been here for years

  • It’s promotes professional development and life-long learning

If there is one thing I am passionate about, it’s professional development. It is important for me to work for a company where this is part of the culture. Community Medical Centers invests in developing its staff.

"Community doesn’t just hire the best staff, they train them and invest in them."

For anyone interested in scholarships – take a look at these:
Alice Peters Scholarship – for over 20 years has helped everyone from nurse leaders to those wishing to join the nursing field.
Gerald & Nanette Lyles Nursing Scholarship – created for those who needed help finishing their nursing degree. If you get your first three semesters completed, then this scholarship will help pay for the rest.
Rajani Family NICU Education Advancement Scholarship – our own physician – Dr. Krishnakumar Rajani – started this scholarship for NICU nurses seeking advanced nursing degrees or leadership roles in the NICU program. There was a shortage of nurses who were able to support the NICU program when Dr. Rajani started this scholarship.
I’m always amazed at the generosity of our donors. They understand Community is really about the people who work here and especially about the care they provide our patients. If you want to really have a great hospital like Community, you have to invest in the people who work there.
All of these scholarships are open right now for Community nurses pursuing advanced degrees, nursing students, and NICU staff pursuing a NICU certification. The application packet is available on the Forum until June 30 on the Employee Scholarships page under Learning Opportunities. 

Alex Perez
Foundation Manager
Community Medical Foundation