Tuesday, August 11, 2015 4:05 PM

The Squirrels Are Mocking Me...

...I bought my husband a t-shirt with this comment. There's actually a bizarre story behind that purchase.

Two summers ago, my husband and I made a trip back to the family lake house in Indiana where we normally experience a peaceful, relaxing, and overall pretty unremarkable time. Not so with this particular trip.

One evening, we were sitting out on the patio enjoying the view of a beautiful skyline approaching a spectacular sunset. We were sipping iced tea, and just reminiscing about all the times we had visited and the best of memories. Then it happened-a squirrel made his way up the steps near where we were sitting. We attempted making some gestures and speaking loudly to dissuade his presence; normally, and with any other squirrel we had encountered, those actions would get us the result we wanted...no more squirrel. Oh no, not this time.

This guy wouldn't give up and actually made aggressive attempts to climb up the patio table legs and even to come near our feet in attack mode. No matter what we did, he was tenacious, and kept returning! My husband attempted a broom, rake, and then had to resort to a bigger tool to get the darn thing to leave us alone.

All of a sudden, it hit us,"this thing has rabies!!!" we concluded. He was acting possessed and crazy! Eventually, we were freed of this tormented menace!. The next morning, we told all the neighbors, and they concurred-this creature was indeed "under the influence of rabies"...yikes!!! At the time, we were down right scared, but now we can laugh and my husband wears that t-shirt each time we visit! Hehe.

Be safe as the summer winds down, watch out for squirrels, and don't forget the sunscreen!