Bonnie “Nana” Wallen sits on the edge of a hospital exam room bed while Dr. Ian Johnson shows her a model of a spine.At almost 80, Bonnie “Nana” Wallen had lived with severe back pain for most of her life. On top of the pain, Nana was having balance problems and would stumble from time to time. She wasn’t prepared for the news her doctor delivered – she needed major spinal surgery.
Getting a second opinion about a neurosurgery case has historically been a challenge in the Central Valley. There haven’t been enough specialists to cover the needs. Fortunately, Nana was able to connect with experienced neurosurgeon Dr. Ian Johnson of Community Health Partners.

On the first visit, Dr. Johnson was able to pinpoint the problem and – although surgery was still the answer – it wasn’t going to be as invasive. One year later, Nana still has relief from the pain and her balance and mobility have improved.

Dr. Johnson understands patients like Nana struggle to get answers to their spine and neurological questions and often think they have to travel to find the resources they need. Your gift to the Bob Smittcamp Family Neuroscience Institute can help him bring more specialists to the Central Valley. 

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