Our subacute and skilled care center is an alternative to hospitalization for patients who are in a coma or require 24-hour medical supervision for long periods of time.

Simply awakening – something most of us take for granted – can be a very meaningful experience for patients and their loved ones, and our staff devotes every effort to helping our residents make conscious responses. We also help our patients begin the rehabilitation process.

We specialize in chronic respiratory, neurological, cardiovascular, diabetes, rehabilitation and other complex illnesses that require a tracheotomy, ventilator support, gastrostomy, IV therapy, wound healing, skin maintenance and pain management.

The dedication of our staff has been recognized by several nursing and health associations across California, including the California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF), Hospital Services of Continuing Care (HSCC) and the Central Valley Regional Nursing Home Quality Initiative, Lumetra.

We've created a family-like environment where residents, staff, families and visitors feel the comforts of home, and our individualized care plans are developed with strong family involvement.

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Community Subacute & Transitional Care Center
3003 N. Mariposa
Fresno, CA 93703
(559) 459-1711