Bariatric Patient Stories


People just like you have changed their lives.

Weight-loss surgery is a major undertaking. From surgery to recovery, your time with us will be incredibly transformative. Hundreds of patients have seen amazing weight loss, healthier lifestyles, and happier living with our targeted, compassionate medical care. Our bariatric patient stories allow patients to tell their stories in their own words.

At the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Program at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital, we're dedicated to changing lives, one procedure at a time. Here, you can view many inspiring patient testimonials from people just like you who have benefited from our surgical procedures.

My whole life changed. – Paul

Being a professional driver and obese was starting to bear down on Paul's ability to enjoy his career. Having to step in and out of a big rig was a daunting task, and the fatigue was too much to handle. When the doctor told him he would have to start taking Insulin to regulate his blood sugar, he decided that something had to change.


After gastric bypass surgery in 2011, Paul has lost more than 200 pounds. He stopped taking most of his medications the day after surgery, and now lives a much healthier lifestyle. Instead of the usual fast food hamburgers for lunch, he eats fresh fruit or vegetables. And he enjoys time off with his family. His activity levels are up, and he fits much more comfortably into clothing. Not having to shop in big and tall sections has been a huge relief, he says. At his heaviest, he wore a 6X shirt and size 56 pants.

Paul's biggest regret, he says, is not having the surgery done sooner.

I'm at my high school weight again! – Richard


Already having three grown children, five grandchildren and entering retirement, Richard knew he had a lot of life ahead of him when his weight-loss journey began with gastric banding.

After some complications, he visited two other well-known California bariatric surgeons before seeing the team at Fresno Heart & Surgical. Richard was also suffering from esophageal and digestive complications, and as a result, he also had his gallbladder removed. Since then, Richard’s complications have minimized, if not disappeared completely.

He's lost at least 100 pounds and is back to his high school/college weight. When he was at his heaviest, it was hard to get around and be active. Now he’s looking forward to an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary celebration and continuing his retirement healthily.

This was for me to be healthy – Kelly


Kelly was the last among her two sisters and mother to undergo bariatric surgery. As the youngest, she hadn’t experienced the infertility, joint aches, blood pressure or pre-diabetes problems the others had. But she didn’t want to reach that point. She wanted to make sure she could care for her children and continue her theater work. She’s amazed after losing more than 100 pounds at her newfound confidence and how much fun it is to go clothes shopping. Now she has lots of energy for her children.

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