I got the call that no parent wants to get — the call that my son, BJ, had been in a very serious car accident and was airlifted to Table Mountain Rancheria Trauma Center at Community Regional. His shoulder was broken, his hip was broken, and he was unconscious for a little while. It was very comforting to know he was at the Level I trauma center downtown, because I knew that was the best possible place he could be.


When we finally got to see him, there was a level of calmness and expertise from his care team that I marveled at. I couldn’t be prouder of what downtown has become. When I was the Mayor of Fresno, Community was there, pushing and leading the effort to build a better downtown. And in the years since, Community Health System has been a major part of the renaissance of downtown Fresno.


BJ made a full recovery and is thriving today, but the whole experience gave my family and I a new appreciation for what Community Regional means for families in the Valley. It’s a priceless gift we have right in our own backyard.

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