Assemblymember Jim Patterson

My Community helped my son make a full recovery
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Joy Alexander

My Community is helping inspire future nurses
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Robert Garcia

My Community turned my vision into something much bigger
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Nicole Linder

My Community helps confront domestic violence
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Priscilla Robbins

My Community supports healing for people with no place to go
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Susan Thorn

My Community isn't just a job, it's my passion
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Kam Wade

My Community saved our son's life
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Derek Franks

My Community is committed to downtown Fresno
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Our mission to better the lives of all those we serve is a regional one. From our modest beginnings as the Burnett Sanitarium, Community has grown into one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in California — and we aren’t done. 

For 125 years, Community has invested in this region — growing a successful healthcare system that supports our community and serves hundreds of thousands of Valley residents. We are grateful for our patients, local leaders, dedicated employees, physician partners and generous donors for their ongoing support and being part of the past, present and future of Community Health System.

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