Born and raised in Chowchilla, I have always called the Valley home. But growing up, my family didn’t have medical insurance, nor did we always have access to the care we needed, and my dad passed away early on in my life as a result. So, I’ve always had a passion to help expand access to healthcare for all people — especially the young children and families in our Valley.


That’s why I’m so proud to be associated with Community Health System as a board member. They’re providing the entire region with the kind of care that was never available to me as a child. And I know from my own experience that the commitment and dedication our team members have are second to none.


Over the years, I’ve had multiple bouts with cancer. In 2012, when cancer appeared in my liver for the first time, no one in the Valley could help me. I had to leave my family, and my support system, and go through a major surgery and treatment far from home.


In 2020, the cancer returned to my liver. But this time was different. Thanks to the investments made by Community and donors into the new Community Cancer Institute, I received the care I needed right here at home. The physicians were amazing, and the technology allowed me to have minimally invasive surgery without going through the tough recovery I’d experienced before.


My Community cares for everyone in the Valley. And I’m so, so thankful.

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