Caring for our entire region is a big job. Here in the Central Valley, we have a higher percentage of lower-income families and individuals than in other parts of the state, many of whom have little or no insurance. In some communities, that would mean limited access to care for those who need it most — but not here.


Over the past two decades I’ve spent as a part of Central California EMS, we've seen a massive increase in the quality of care available to all Valley residents — and even greater access to care — due in large part to the investments made by Community Health System. They have improved our region's capacity and access to care for all patients, and there is no question that this has saved lives.


We are also incredibly fortunate to have a Level I trauma center like Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno. As a trauma center, they are a safety net for our entire Valley, and patients who go there always receive great care. The facility is fantastic. But, just as importantly, we are lucky to have the people — the nationally recognized trauma surgeons, nurses, and staff there are unequaled. We couldn't ask for anything better.


My Community is there when it matters most.

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