Wednesday, November 11, 2015 9:04 PM

Recycle write for Terry's House

Each year, millions of writing instruments are needlessly discarded and end up in the landfills. These used pens and markers are NOT degradable. They contribute to filling up our FINITE landfill space. As part of our mission to help create a healthier community through creating a healthier environment, Community Medical Centers' Sustainability-VAT’s (Value Analysis Team) has been collecting used writing instruments and recycling them into new products with he help of Terracycle.

Who is Terracycle?  Terracycle is an ecofriendly, innovative company that partners with more than 100 major brands in the U.S. and 22 countries overseas to collect used packaging and products that would otherwise be destined for landfills. Terracycle repurposes these items into new, fun, and innovative products and materials.  

The best part of saving these from filling up precious landfill space is earning money for a worthy cause. Each pen or marker that is recycled earns 2 cents for Terry's House here at Community Regional Medical Center. If you are interested in participating, please see our "Recycle Write" flyer for more  information about our recycling initiative

This whole process is completely free for us. Terracycle provides free shipping labels to ship the used pens and markers to them.  We only need to collect them and send them in. This is truly a win-win situation!   We keep these non-degradable products out of the landfill and we earn money to help the families of our severely injured and ill patients stay at Terry's House while their loved one is in the hospital.

Since our kickoff of the “Recycle Write” Initiative on this last Earth Day Event on April 22, 2015, we have placed more than 30 new pen collection boxes into service. We also became aware of several pen collection boxes from a previous pen recycle program that were still being used!   We especially want to thank those employees for continuing to have faith and collecting pens to recycle. We're earning even more than anticipated in rebates for Terry's House. Wouldn't it be awesome if our hospital visitors contributed to this effort as well?

We want to thank everyone for their participation!   We want to acknowledge all the areas (both old and new) where pen collection boxes are currently active.  They are:

Community Regional Medical Center:  Admitting Office, Cardiovascular Services (8 West), Central Energy Plant Offices, Clinical Laboratory,  Emergency Department,  Front Main Lobby, Health Information Management Offices (Medical Records),  Mailing & Printing,  Inpatient Pharmacy, Outpatient Pharmacy,  Post-partum & Newborn Nursery Unit,   2C Short Stay Pre-Op/PICA  Unit,    2C Short Stay Post-Op Unit,  TCCB Pre-Op Holding/PACU Area Unit, TCCB Materials Management Offices, TCCB Case Picking Area, and Trauma OR Charge RN Area.

Clovis Community Medical Center:  Inpatient Surgery, Outpatient Surgery, OR Holding Room, Materials Management Department, Receiving Dock, Women's Pavilion – Birth Certificate Office, Housekeeping Offices, and Mail Room3

Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital:  Business Office & First Floor Staff Lounge

Community's corporate departments:  Communications & Marketing Office, Human Resources Office, Information Systems Office, Payroll Office,  Materials Management Contract Coordinators Offices, and Trauma Program Offices

California Cancer Center:   Oncology, Admitting, Registration, & Clinical Services Office

Community Outpatient Rehabilitation Center:   Staff Lounge

UCSF Fresno:  Division of Neurology, Department of Internal Medicine Office

Central California Faculty Medical Group:  Corporate Offices and Physician Offices

Remember if you are interested in participating, please see our "Recycle Write" flyer for more information about our recycling initiative.

Please save your used pens and markers to recycle them and earn $ for Terry’s House!  The Sustainability-VAT does appreciate it and so does the planet!

Doris Sullenger
Clinical Lab Scientist and Sustainability Value Analysis Team member
Community Regional Medical Center