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Welcome to Community! Visitors are an important part of the healing process for our patients and we are happy to welcome you to our hospitals.


Thank you for being respectful and considerate of all patients, other visitors and hospital employees.


What are the visiting hours? 

General visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., with some unit-specific hours. Visiting hours may be modified during flu season and specific emergent events.

Are there age restrictions for visitors?

All children 12 and younger are required to be supervised by an adult, other than the patient. 


How many people can visit at a time?

Generally, there are no limitations to the number of visitors in our inpatient areas. 


In our emergency departments, only one support person is allowed at a time. There may be other area specific guidelines or changes due to space constraints or other environmental considerations — and may be modified during flu season and specific emergency events. 


Please ask the care team if you have any questions.


Do I need to wear a mask?

When entering our facilities, all visitors will be informed of current masking guidelines and any specific precautions they need to take based on the patient they are visiting. 

Can I smoke at your facility?

Smoking is prohibited at all areas within Community Medical Centers facilities and within 50 feet of any entrance. 

Do visitors need to show proof of vaccination status?

We do not require visitors to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status or a recent negative COVID-19 test. 

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