Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU)

The birth of your baby is a special time for your family. We realize it may also be a stressful one if you have a premature or critically ill newborn.

During this challenging time, you want and need the absolute best care possible. Together in our two neonatal intensive care units (NICU), we combine clinical expertise with family-centered, compassionate care for babies who arrive early or have unique needs. And most importantly, we keep mom and baby together.

close-up of a mother holding her newborn to her chest

Certified Care for Moms and Babies

Both Community Regional Medical Center and Clovis Community Medical Center have been recognized by the Joint Commission for perinatal care services.

Awarded for meeting and exceeding more than 140 standards of care, we deliver comprehensive patient care from the moment a woman becomes pregnant through postpartum (following childbirth).

Community Regional Medical
Center’s Level 3 NICU

Community Regional Medical Center

Community Regional's Level 3 NICU offers around-the-clock care for some of the sickest infants. And while our team provides the highest levels of sophisticated care, we know nothing can replace the love and support of family. That’s why we’ve designed our NICU with family in mind.

Clovis Community Medical
Center's Level 2 NICU

Clovis Community Medical Center

Clovis Community's Level 2 NICU provides a compassionate and family-centered environment where you're encouraged to be an active partner in your infant's care. As an intermediate neonatal intensive care unit, we care for infants born around 32 weeks of gestational age or greater. We provide a higher level of care without having to transfer babies to another facility.

Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists are dedicated to the emotional and developmental needs of children and families receiving care at Community Regional Medical Center. They empower children with knowledge and coping strategies so they can face their hospital stay with understanding and confidence. Additionally, Child Life Specialists promote health, growth and development by providing opportunities for play.

Learn more about Child Life Specialists

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