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Hip and Knee Replacement

At Community Medical Centers, we’re here to help those whose lives have been interrupted by joint pain. Whether it stems from daily activities like walking, working, sports or conditions like osteoarthritis, we strive to get our patients back on their feet quickly and safely.

Our team of highly skilled orthopedic surgeons use advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques to restore our patients to a full and active life. We perform total hip replacement surgery, total knee replacement surgery and partial (uni-compartmental) knee replacement surgery. From diagnosis to surgery to rehabilitation we treat our patients with leading-edge technology and the most comfortable options possible.

Clovis Community Medical Center’s Hip and Knee Replacement Program offers full hip and knee replacements as well as the NavioPFS™ Orthopedic Surgical System — robotic-assisted surgery for replacing only the part of the knee that’s damaged. It uses 3D computer modeling to plot complicated angles and assist the surgeon to ensure a perfect fit between synthetic joint and natural tissue.

Community Regional Medical Center’s Total Joint Replacement Program offers total hip and knee replacement surgery using the latest advancements in technology. Our partnership with UCSF orthopedic surgeons allows us to provide trauma and pediatric orthopedic services to our community as well.

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