Tuesday, May 3, 2016 4:32 PM

UCSF Fresno beat Davis, Stanford in surgical bowl

UCSF Fresno Surgery Residency Lap Bowl Team (L to R): Amy Kwok, MD, Associate Program Director, Sammy Siada, PGY-3; Lexine Yurcho, PGY-5; Sean Meshkin, PGY-1, and Program Director, Mary Wolfe, MD
UCSF Fresno Surgery Residency Surgical Jeopardy winning team (L to R): Kirellos Zamary, PGY-4 and Amanda Kohlbrenner, PGY-5.
UCSF Fresno was well represented this last weekend at the Annual Northern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons meeting in Berkeley, CA.  The following UCSF Fresno surgery residents were chosen to attend the meeting: Sara Higginson, PGY 5, presented her winning Committee on Trauma basic science research paper and Jonathan Romanyshyn, PGY 5, was chosen to present his research in the resident paper competition.

The Surgery department also sent two teams for the resident team competitions.  Amy Kohlbrenner PGY 5 and Kirellos Zamary PGY-4 won 1st place in Surgical Jeopardy.  Lexine Yurcho PGY 5, Sammy Siada PGY 3, and Sean Meshkin PGY 1, won 1st place in the Laparoscopic Bowl.  This is the second year in a row that UCSF Fresno has won both Surgical Jeopardy and the Laparoscopic Bowl against northern California surgical teams from UCSF, UCSF East Bay, UC Davis, and Stanford. 

Congratulations to the surgery residents!!!

Mary Wolfe, M.D.
Residency Program Director

Amy Kwok, M.D.
Associate Program Director