Free MyHealthMate app helps track your pregnancy

Whether you choose to deliver your baby at Community Regional Medical Center or Clovis Community, we’ve developed tools to help you prepare. 

Our mobile app, MyHealthMate, is powered by MyChart and allows you to access your health information plus navigate our online health system and services — all in one convenient place.


By using MyHealthMate, expectant parents can access a customized pregnancy tracker, weekly facts about baby’s growth, related articles and other tools such as:

  • Kick counter
  • Hospital packing list
  • Contraction timer
  • Diaper and feeding log


During your hospital stay, MyHealthMate will also allow you to view medications, lab results, and even names and photos of your care team. Learn more and  sign up today. It’s free!


Yomingo tracks feeding times and more

Looking for more? Another free, online tool we recommend to expectant parents is Yomingo. You can track and share important information like baby’s feeding times, diaper changes, breast milk pumping amounts, measurements, immunizations and more. Sign up for Yomingo here!

A woman, young and Black, breastfeeds her newborn child in a baby's nursery

Need breastfeeding help?

Our Mother's Resource Center is here to offer you guidance and understanding.

Prepare for childbirth with our free virtual education series

All in-person childbirth classes and tours have been cancelled at this time due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, we are pleased to be able to offer expectant parents our virtual education series.

Everything you need to know to prepare for your childbirth experience at Community Medical Centers is available to you.

Register for the series and we'll send you a link for a video tour of our birthing facilities at Clovis Community Medical Center and Community Regional Medical Center. You'll also receive links to view all of our prepared childbirth virtual classes:

  • Class 1: Exploring Registration

  • Class 2: Understanding Labor & Birth

  • Class 3: Identifying Stages of Labor

  • Class 4: Handling Labor Pain & Comfort Measures

  • Class 5: Applying Labor Pain & Comfort Measures

  • Class 6: Identifying Labor & Birth Interventions

  • Class 7: Understanding Cesarean Birth

  • Class 8: Caring for Yourself - Postpartum

  • Class 9: Experiencing Your Amazing Newborn

  • Class 10: Learning About Breastfeeding

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