The lungs are part of your respiratory system, a group of organs and tissues that work together to help you breathe.

The respiratory system's primary function is to move fresh air into your body while removing waste gasses out. Lung disease is any disorder that occurs in the lungs or that causes the lungs to not function properly.


Chronic Lung Disease Program

This service is now operated by Family HealthCare Network, the nation’s 7th largest Federally Qualified Health Center. For more information, visit the Family HealthCare Network website or call 866-342-6012.

Community's Chronic Lung Disease Program helps you manage your chronic lung condition and gives you the tools you need to improve your well-being, visit the hospital less and have a better quality of life. In partnership with UCSF Fresno, our program treats the most severe pulmonary cases in the Central Valley.

You must be referred to the program by your primary care physician.

Once in the program, our team of doctors, respiratory therapists, nurses and social workers all work together to deliver intensive specialized care. You'll have consultations with a nurse practitioner, registered nurse and social worker and we'll develop an individualized care plan for your condition.

Program members are also offered therapy and educational resources for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, medication, smoking cessation, and chronic disease management.

Patients of the program are also required to have in-home visits which identify any other factors affecting their respiratory health.

Disease Management Center
Chronic Lung Disease Program
2315 E. Illinois St.
Fresno, CA 93701
(559) 360-8389

Lung Nodule Program

In California, lung cancer is the No. 1 cause of cancer death according to the California Cancer Registry. Community's team of physician specialists diagnose and treat various lung issues as part of its Lung Nodule Program.

Our nurse coordinator manages your care so you move smoothly from diagnosis through treatment. The Lung Nodule Program has reduced the time from detection to treatment from an average of 87 to just 10 days.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Smoking continues to be the leading cause of lung cancer deaths in men and women. Screening and early detection for lung cancer can drastically improve lung cancer survival rates by finding and treating the disease at an early stage.

Smokers and past smokers, who are within the ages of 55-77 years old, may be eligible for the preventative screening program. 

A low dose chest CT scan is given annually to ensure your lungs are monitored regularly. This continual care is the key to cancer prevention and keeping you healthy. A lung screening nurse coordinator will be in contact with you and your doctor to make sure the screening process is easy and stress free.

The Lung Cancer Screening Program works directly with the Community Cancer Institute and Lung Nodule Program to provide holistic care to each patient.

Contact us today to schedule your screening and reduce your risk of lung cancer:


Endoscopy Center

Clovis Community Medical Center’s Endoscopy Center offers bronchoscopy in its Outpatient Care Center.

Bronchoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that provides a view of the bronchi, or large passageways of the lungs.

This procedure is typically done to investigate abnormal chest X-rays, biopsy or collect bronchial or lung secretions to help diagnose and evaluate upper respiratory issues.

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