Learning about your neuro condition, how it’s been diagnosed, and your treatment plan are important components of a quality patient care plan, helping you to recover faster and get the quality of life you deserve.

Patient education can help providers inform and remind you of the proper ways to self-manage care and avoid nonessential readmissions. Better education can also help you understand the care setting most appropriate for your condition and avoid return trips to the hospital.

Your Rehabilitation

After treatment for a nervous system disease, your doctor or specialist might recommend rehabilitation and provide resources for you to better understand recovery stages and steps to regain mobility or memory function.

In addition, we provide many booklets and pamphlets to help you stay informed on a variety of health-related diseases, conditions and procedures, including articles on brain metastases, brain tumors, and several neurological diseases affecting vision.

If you need more information, contact your doctor or rehabilitation specialist.

Preventing Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries
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The key to treating traumatic injuries is to keep them from happening in the first place. 

Our outreach programs focus on prevention, education and intervention in a variety of areas, including distracted driving, and avoiding both falls and blood loss in case of injury.

Did You Know?

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Our MyHealthMate app allows you to view lab results, pay your bill and access interactive medical records for you and your family.

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Stroke Recovery Information

To make you a part of your own healthcare team, we provide resources so you can educate yourself and your loved ones on your condition and connect with the various support agencies and organizations that will help you continue with a successful recovery.

Recovering After A Stroke    El Camino Hacia la Recuperación

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