While seemingly similar to the roux-en-y gastric bypass, the duodenal switch is very different in construction and its effects. The duodenal switch is the only mainstream operation meant to be malabsorptive (hindering absorption by the small intestine).


How the Duodenal Switch Works

Where the gastric bypass “bypasses” 100 cm of small bowel, the duodenal switch bypasses most of the small bowel and only leaves a 100 cm for absorption.

So, it can lead to multiple, daily loose bowel movements due to the malabsorption. Because less calories and nutrients are absorbed, weight loss occurs.

This also results in significant nutrient deficiencies and patients who are dependent on more supplements than gastric bypass patients for the rest of their lives. A sleeve-like trimming of the stomach (though larger than stand-alone sleeves) is also part of the duodenal switch.

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