Recognized by the American Diabetes Association

We work with women before they get pregnant, during their pregnancies and following the delivery of the baby to help ensure a happy and healthy child birth.

Our Diabetes in Pregnancy Program provides valuable training and treatment to promote the best outcome for expectant mothers. Even though you have diabetes, you can still stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby but close monitoring and treatment play an important role.

Our services include:


  • Pre-Pregnancy Counseling
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy Management Program
  • Post-Delivery Care and Monitoring

For more information, call us at (559) 459-1763, or talk to your doctor about a referral to Community Diabetes Education today. Services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday | 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Phone: (559) 459-1763


North Medical Plaza
215 North Fresno Street, 

Suite 230
Fresno, CA 93701 

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Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital
15 E. Audubon Dr.
Fresno, CA 93720 

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