Has hip or knee pain forced you to give up things you love? With a nationally recognized reputation for successful minimally invasive surgeries, the Hip and Knee Replacement Program at Community Regional Medical Center is one of the top joint replacement programs in the country, receiving national 5-star ratings for the past three years from HealthGrades®, an independent rating organization.


High quality of care

Our program was designed by Valley orthopedic surgeons and health care practitioners with one thing in mind — to treat patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery with leading edge technology and the most comfortable options possible. You’ll be healthier and happier – faster. In fact, the average hospital stay for Community’s hip and knee replacement patients is three days. And our team has achieved one of the best rates of positive outcomes in the country, a level of excellence that can contribute to faster recovery times and far less chance of follow-up surgery.

We continually improve our amenities to ensure that you have a pleasant and comfortable experience.


Amenities include:

  • Private patient rooms in a dedicated orthopedic floor in the hospital
  • Dedicated team that cares for each patient – including occupational and physical therapists under the direction of the orthopedic surgeon
  • Specialized surgical and bedside nurses
  • Opportunity to meet with former joint replacement patients prior to surgery to understand what to expect and how to prepare with our dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons and nurses focused completely on your well-being, soon you can enjoy the outdoors again – walk, cycle and engage in all your favorite activities with ease.

The decision to have hip or knee replacement surgery should be made very carefully. Consult your doctor and learn as much as you can before you make your choice. 

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