Support Services

We have many support services to help you and your child through many different health challenges. These services are led by our experienced team of social workers, care coordinators, dieticians, and more to give your child individualized and effective care. 

Support Groups

Talking with others who've been through similar experiences can make a huge difference. We currently have a support group for pediatric burn survivors every second Tuesday of the month from 6-7:30 p.m.

Nutrition Programs

Our team combines personalized support with nutrition education and post-treatment visits to help children and their families use nutrition as a tool in their journey toward health.


These services include but aren't limited to:

  • Nutrition assessment
  • Patient and caregiver education and resources
  • Malnutrition and weight loss interventions
  • Nutrition support assessment, recommendations and management
  • Nutrition classes
  • Symptom management and monitoring


Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists are dedicated to the emotional and developmental needs of children and families receiving care at Community Regional Medical Center. They empower children with knowledge and coping strategies so they can face their hospital stay with understanding and confidence. Additionally, Child Life Specialists promote health, growth and development by providing opportunities for play.

Learn more about Child Life Specialists


Social Work

Our social workers address the emotional, social and practical complexities that impact your child’s quality of life or the ability to get the care they need. These services are available to all of our patients:

  • Personalized assessment of your child's needs 
  • Supportive counseling for patients, caregivers and family members
  • Education to ensure you are making informed medical decisions regarding care
  • Training to develop coping skills that sustain a positive self-image and life purpose
  • Interventions related to a mental health diagnosis 
  • Crisis intervention


We also help patients and families connect with:

  • Community resources
  • Spiritual support
  • Complementary and integrative wellness programs


Genetics Testing & Counseling

Our genetic team provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, family pedigree evaluation, genetic testing, clinical management and genetic counseling for individuals with known or suspected genetic disorders. They have access to the most recent genetic testing technologies designed to increase diagnostic yield.  Our team consists of board certified clinical geneticists and genetic counselors. Our physicians see children with clinical conditions that need diagnosis or management, and our genetic counselors work with families who have concerns based on their family history and/or are interested in genetic testing.

We provide evaluation and testing for children with developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, congenital malformations, chromosomal abnormalities, single gene disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, autism spectrum disorders, inborn errors of metabolism, growth anomalies, craniofacial anomalies, dysmorphic syndromes and/or a family history of genetic conditions. Our genetic team also sees prenatal, adult, oncology and cardiovascular genetic patients. For more information, call (559) 459-2269.

Learn more about Pediatric Specialty Care

Parent Education 

The Mother’s Resource Center at Community Regional Medical Center offers a variety of breastfeeding and parent education classes to assist you on your journey through parenthood.

Learn more about the Mother's Resource Center

Clovis Community offers a wide range of educational classes so you are well-prepared when your newborn arrives including childbirth and breastfeeding classes and an infant and child lifesaver course.

Learn more about Clovis Community's Parent Education classes

Home Health Services

Our home health care team can support your child in the comfort of your own home – by offering an alternative to frequent and prolonged hospital stays.

Learn more about Home Health services

Diabetes Education

A new diabetes diagnosis affects your child and your entire family. Our care coordination team will support you and your family with the tools you need to understand and effectively manage your child’s diabetes. From understanding the disease to how to manage nutrition, physical activity and glucose levels, we will help you understand your child’s everyday care needs.

Learn more about Pediatric Specialty Care

Asthma Education

The outpatient Asthma Education and Management Program at Community Regional Medical Center helps asthma patients achieve long-term control and management of their asthma symptoms.

Learn more about the Asthma Education and Management Program

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