Recovery can sometimes feel like a long and lonely process. See stories from others who have been where you are and are now thriving thanks to the dedication, care and expertise of Community's rehabilitation teams.

Rehabilitation after total joint surgery gets delivery worker active again

After surgery, delivery worker Michael Yamane discovered having a personalized physical therapy plan can help your body heal properly. 

Erika McFarland, physical therapist at Clovis Community Medical Center, discusses the importance of physical therapy and rehabilitation post-surgery. 

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Burn survivor inspired by his physical therapist

After a car accident left him badly burned on over half of his body, Francisco Padilla had a tough road to recovery. 

Physical therapist Ascension "Ace" Santoyo motivated Francisco to take control of his life, in more ways than one.  

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Ronna Crews had never heard of lymphedema — until she was diagnosed with it while recovering from breast cancer surgery.

With the help of her oncology rehab team at Clovis Community, Ronna regained the strength to resume daily tasks, like brushing her hair.

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CrossFit coach recovering after spinal cord injury

When James Sharnick suffered a spinal cord injury after an accident in Big Bear, he lost the ability to move his arms and legs.  

Dr. Nimar Kahlon, physiatrist with the Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation Center at Community Regional, and Shannon Vasquez, occupational therapist, share how the rehab team is helping James heal and work on his mobility.

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An assault left him brain damaged, but after the Level I trauma team at Community Regional brought him back from the brink of death, Nick Burriel learned to walk and talk again with the help of Community's rehabilitation teams. 

Now he works to offer hope to others. 

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Leon S. Peters Rehabilitation celebrates 50 years

The center helps patients learn to walk and talk again after critical illnesses and injury. 

Hear from a few of our patients whose lives have been impacted by the rehabilitation care they received at Community. 

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A mature woman is being aided in using her walker by two female healthcare workers

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