About 60% of serious falls occur in a person’s own home. And falls are the leading cause of injuries for those over age 65. If you or someone you know is a less-active senior over 60-years-old who struggles with a fear of falling, then our "A Matter of Balance" program can help.

A Matter of Balance

This prevention program empowers seniors by increasing their confidence in everyday activity and reducing the fear of falling so they can get back to the things they used to do. The program is part classroom and part exercise class.

For more information on signing up for our "A Matter of Balance" course or requesting one for your facility call (559) 459-6000, and ask for the Injury Prevention program.

Hazards in the Home

Slipping and tripping on things in your home, poor lighting, and not having needed home modifications can lead to falls.

Home Assessments and Modifications

Having a home assessment by an occupational therapist is very effective at preventing falls in your home. Medicare may cover a home assessment if you meet the home health reimbursement criteria. It must be prescribed by a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. A home assessment may determine that modifications to your home are necessary.

Here are some ways to prevent falls and protect yourself in case you fall:

  • Get up slowly after you sit or lie down

  • Avoid going barefoot or wearing slippers

  • Wear shoes inside and outside the house

  • Keep emergency phone numbers in large print near each phone

  • Put a phone near the floor in case you fall

  • Think about wearing an alarm device that will bring help in case you fall

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