The John C. Harris Wound Healing Center provides comprehensive ostomy care, using a holistic approach to meet your physical, social and psychological needs before and after stoma placement. 

We work together with referring physicians to help ensure the most positive outcomes and offer a wide range of services for those with stomas from colostomy, ileostomy and/or urostomy.

Preoperative Services


  • Providing basic ostomy education and answers to questions about surgical procedures, living with a stoma, pre- and post-op diets, concerns about returning to work, etc.

  • Familiarizing you and your caregiver/family with the various types of ostomy appliances and supplies that are available.

  • Assistance in selecting a reliable pouching system/appliance, keeping your personal needs and choices in mind.

Stoma Site Marking

  • A preoperative assessment of the abdomen is performed to determine the best location for stoma placement. More than one site may be marked.

  • Proper stoma placement helps avoid post-op wound and skin complications.

Postoperative Services

Education on Stoma Management

  • Proper stoma care to help prevent common issues.
  • Instruction on self-care, proper hygiene and how to maintain skin health.

  • Care coordination and management for patients with a new or existing ostomy, with or without complications.

  • Determining adequacy and reliability of your current pouching system and making adjustments as needed.

  • Assessment of clothing and providing recommendations if needed for undergarments, support belts, etc.

  • Partnering with Home Health Services.

Problem Solving & Ongoing Support

  • Providing assistance with pouching system/appliance failures, such as leaks.

  • Refitting pouching system/appliance to provide proper seal and optimum comfort as needed.

  • Assisting with short-term care and/or long-term management for patients with peristomal skin loss (skin surrounding the stoma site), infections, ulcers and/or rashes.

  • Ensuring you're coping with lifestyle changes, helping to alleviate anxieties associated with the ostomy and providing support as needed.

Where to Find Us
Exterior of Clovis Community Medical Center

John C. Harris 

Wound Healing Center
688 Medical Center Drive East, Suite 101
Clovis, CA 93611
(559) 324-6820

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