A faster, more secure way to refer patients

If you’re a primary care physician who’d like to refer a patient to Community's Rehabilitation Services, we now offer referral through EpicCare. 

EpicCare allows you to refer your patients quickly, more efficiently and without having to fill out paper forms and fax them.

Results and other essential information located in patients' medical records is there when you need it — right at your fingertips.

How to get started with EpicCare

In order to begin referring patients via EpicCare, follow these steps for application and set up: 

  1. Pull up the request form located here: epiccarelink.mycmc.com
  2. Fill out the form to request creation of a new ‘site’ to have access. You will need to select a site administrator who will then request access for providers and staff at the site.

Once your application is completed and returned, we will reach out to validate the information, get the technical set up completed and arrange for either on-site or web-based training for you and your team. Our typical time from application to live is 7 business days.

You may also reach our EpicCare Link Liaison at (559) 724-4200 or email eclsupport@communitymedical.org.

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