If you’re a man bothered by the appearance of your chest due to overdeveloped or enlarged breast tissue, or a persistent deposit of fat that won’t go away no matter how much exercise you do, you may benefit from male breast reduction surgery.    


What is a male breast reduction?

Gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue) can happen at any age and may be due to hormonal changes, genetics, obesity or the use of certain drugs.

Many men experience embarrassment and frustration with this condition. Plastic surgery to correct gynecomastia is called male breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty. The goal is to enhance the contours of your chest by removing fat, breast tissue and/or skin to achieve a more traditionally masculine shape.

A related condition called pseudogynecomastia — where there is excess fatty tissue that gives the appearance of having breasts — can also cause many men embarrassment or frustration.

Come see our plastic surgeons to talk about your concerns, and about the surgical options that may be right for you.

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