The face naturally begins to lose volume as you age. You might notice that your cheeks are a little less full, or you have hollows under your eyes, or some wrinkles. One way to combat these changes is by replacing lost fat with your own fat.


What is fat transfer to the face?

Fat transfer (also called fat grafting) is a minimally invasive technique where fat from another part of your body is harvested, processed and transferred to your face to help plump up areas where fat has deflated due to aging. This can include the cheeks, around the eyes and even the temples.

Our plastic surgeons will use liposuction to harvest fat from another location on your body — usually your flanks (love handles) or thighs. The fat is then transferred to your face to give you natural-looking results.

It's important to note that because fat is grafted to a new location, usually about half the amount survives. Additional rounds of fat transfer may be needed to achieve your desired result. Talk to our surgeons about your concerns and goals and to see if fat grafting is right for you.

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